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Non-Alcoholic Cocktail

HP Single Malt Whisky Cola Ready to Drink Mocktail

A ready-to-drink non-alcoholic whisky cola, with a rich and balanced taste profile, using only carefully selected premium ingredients.

The perfect cocktail/mocktail for all occasions: party, parks, beach, pool, BBQ, camping, etc… Cheers!

Low Calories, No OGM, No Aspartame, Gluten Free, Natural Cane sugar, Vegan Friendly

% Alcohol: 0% alc./vol.

Visual aspect: Caramel brown

Nose: Cola and smoked oak

Taste: In the spirit of a classic whisky cola, with soft and silky notes of caramel and vanilla, well-dosed sugar with a pleasant light warm finish.

Storage: Store in a dry place at a constant temperature and consume it well chilled, refrigerate before opening.

Les Cocktails prêts à boire Gin & Tonic HP Juniper sont une balance parfaite entre aromates botaniques naturels et soda tonique à base de quinine de première qualité créant ainsi des Gin & Tonic sans Alcools Classique et Floral à s’y méprendre !


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